Volume 7, 2018

Relaxation Effect of a Respiration-Leading Stuffed Toy
After experiencing natural disasters, accidents, and shocking incidents, some children experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A respiration control method that relaxes t...
Hiroki Uratani, Mieko Ohsuga
Vol. 7 (2018) p.100-106
Current Developments in Wearable Thermometers
Wearable thermometers are popular devices for measuring body temperature during fever, as well as for monitoring basal temperature in women. They are easy to handle, inexpensive, a...
Toshiyo Tamura, Ming Huang, Tatsuo Togawa
Vol. 7 (2018) p.88-99
Motion Correction for Extracellular Volume Fraction Mapping in Cardiac MRI
Extracellular volume fraction mapping (ECV Map) can provide quantitative measurements of myocardial tissue with amyloid deposition and myocardial edema. ECV measurements have been ...
Tetsuo Sato, Satoshi Kamikawa, Subaru Nakayama, Nobuyasu Ichinose, Shigehide Kuhara, Shigehiko Kanaya, Kotaro Minato, Cesar Nomura
Vol. 7 (2018) p.82-87