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A Basic Study of Osteogenesis between Decellularized Cortical Bone Pieces for Bone Graft Construction

Autologous bone grafts are used to reconstruct mandibular bone defects because autologous bone is highly osteogenic and does not elicit immune reactions. Because harvesting these grafts requires an additional invasive surgical procedure, we attempted to construct bone grafts from decellularized xenogeneic bone. Fragments of porcine femur cortical bone were assembled into pairs and fastened together using suture thread.

Naoko NAKAMURA, Kiriko SUGANO, Kwangwoo NAM, Tsuyoshi KIMURA, Toshiya FUJISATO, Akio KISHIDA
Vol. 2 (2013) p. 95-100
Identical Dependence of Dialysate-side Mass Transfer Coefficient on Reynolds Number Using Dimensionless Correlation Based on the Mass Transfer Model in Newly Developed Dialyzers and a Downsized Dialyzer

The dialysis fluid flow and solute removal performance of newly developed dialyzers and a downsized dialyzer were evaluated using a dimensionless correlation equation related to the mass transfer coefficient of the dialysate-side film in a mass transfer model, which was used in quantitative analyses in our previous study.

Makoto Fukuda , Koki Namekawa , Kiyotaka Sakai
Vol. 5 (2016) p. 118-123
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