Quantification Method of Vascular Conditions by Capillaroscopy

Katsuya Nagayama, Ichiro Miura
Vol. 4 (2015) p. 55-59

In this study, we proposed and examined the evaluation method for image processing of capillary vessels in the fingertips. Objectification of an image has many problems; especially, it is difficult to evaluate meandering of a blood vessel. Therefore we extracted the vessel shape from a clinical image, and simplified it to numeric data representing the characteristics of the shape. Using clinical illustration of the nailfold capillary, we investigated the characteristics of the nailfold capillary by feature point extraction techniques. We created a simplified program that automatically calculates the parameters of fingertip blood vessels from clinical images. This technique may be potentially useful to evaluate the status of capillaries after intake of supplements, by measuring the parameters of the microcapillary shape.