Volume 9, 2020

The journal’s articles are listed here in date order, with the most recently published article appearing first.

Performance Improvement of Automated Melanoma Diagnosis System by Data Augmentation
Color information is an important tool for diagnosing melanoma. In this study, we used a hyperspectral imager (HSI), which can measure color information in detail, to develop an au...
Kana Kato, Mitsutaka Nemoto, Yuichi Kimura, Yoshio Kiyohara, Hiroshi Koga, Naoya Yamazaki, Gustav Christensen, Christian Ingvar, Kari Nielsen, Atsushi Nakamura, Takayuki Sota, Takashi Nagaoka
Vol. 9 (2020) p.62-70
Measurement of Micro-Strain in Nail Caused by Pulse Wave
The micro-strains of a fingernail and toenail caused by pulse wave were measured by a conventional strain measuring method using a biaxial strain gauge. The strain fluctuations of ...
Kohei Ishii, Itsuro Saito, Junya Fujii, Yusuke Oga, Shizuki Nakai, Sota Iima, Nobuaki Hiraoka
Vol. 9 (2020) p.31-34