Development and Reliability Evaluation of Embryo Monitoring System using Time-Lapse Cinematography

Shizuka Miyata , Choong Sik Park , Yusuke Sando , Yuta Fujiki , Kazuhiro Saeki , Nobuhiro Kato
Vol. 5 (2016) p. 83-87

A simple time-lapse cinematography (TLC) device was developed to enable detection, at the cleavage stages, of embryos that have the potential to develop into high-scoring blastocysts. The TLC device, which consists of an optical microscope system, an illumination system, a PC-controlled camera, and a focus adjustment unit, is encapsulated in a waterproof container to allow operation in a gas-controlled water jacket incubator. Operation of the device in a high humidity environment was ensured by an environmental test in an incubator. By capturing the images of bovine embryos every 10 min for several days, their growing process was precisely recorded. The feature quantities calculated from the temporal difference images were utilized to predict the cleavage timings of the embryos.