The Preface of Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Vol. 1 (2012) p. 2

We are pleased to announce that the first paper in Advanced Biomedical Engineering is now online.

Biomedical engineering covers a wide range of science, and due to its multidisciplinary nature, the researchers may not have sufficient facilities for accessing relevant areas in biomedical engineering. Advanced Biomedical Engineering covers all the areas, and it will offer high quality communication. Moreover, Advanced Biomedical Engineering is an online journal, and thus a rapid publication is realized.

Especially, we encourage young researchers to submit their works to Advanced Biomedical Engineering. Advanced Biomedical Engineering provides “Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation for Advanced Biomedical Engineering”, an in-depth educational text describing how to prepare a scientific manuscript, and how to respond to reviewers’ comments. Writing a scientific manuscript is not an easy task. We hope these guidelines are helpful in accomplishing the acceptance and the eventual publication of a high quality paper. You can download these guidelines from the homepage of Advanced Biomedical Engineering (

We would like to especially welcome submissions from Asian-Pacific region, and we believe this would enhance the steady development of biomedical engineering in this region. Various nations belong to this region, and therefore, this fact inevitably leads to variety of environment for medical system. Advanced Biomedical Engineering accepts all the variety, and allows scientific communication among various countries.

We hope Advanced Biomedical Engineering activates research activity in biomedical engineering. We are looking forward to your enthusiastic participation.

Yuichi Kimura, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Masaru Sugimachi, Ph.D., M.D.
Deputy Editor of Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Osamu Oshiro, Ph.D.
Deputy Editor of Advanced Biomedical Engineering

Masaaki Makikawa, Ph.D.
Chair of Editorial Board, Japanese Society of Medical and Biological Engineering