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Articles Advanced Biomedical Engineering


The journal’s articles are listed here in date order, with the most recently published article appearing first.

Evaluating the Workload Reduction of Automatic Vital Data Transmission
As a conventional hospital information system (HIS) requires clinical staff to record data, the introduction of an HIS deprives those staff of time for direct treatment and care. T...
Tomohiro KURODA, Nodoka NAKASHIMA, Mayuko KANEDA, Kikue SATO, Naoki OHBOSHI, Ayumu OKADA, Kazuya OKAMOTO, Hiroyuki YOSHIHARA, Tomoya AKIYAMA
Vol. 2 (2013) p. 124-129
High Hydrostatic Pressurized Lipoplex Enhances Transfection Efficiency In Vitro
Cationic lipoplexes, which consist of cationic lipids and DNA, are widely used in gene transfection. Recently, some reports suggest that the transfection efficiency of lipoplexes i...
Tsuyoshi KIMURA, Yukie KANDA, Asami SANO, Kwangwoo NAM, Yoshihiro SASAKI, Kazunari AKIYOSHI, Toshiya FUJISATO, Akio KISHIDA
Vol. 2 (2013) p. 80-83
Ergonomic Assessment of a Laparoscopic Stapler
The laparoscopic stapler is a surgical instrument that automatically creates visceral anastomosis. Although the laparoscopic stapler is widely used, objective ergonomic assessments...
Rie KASAI, Iwanori MIZUSHIMA, Tomokazu MUTO, Tomoko MATSUO, Yasuko TOMIZAWA, Sunao TAKEDA
Vol. 2 (2013) p. 11-16